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Roads and Bridges

The Cassowary Coast region has a 1550km road network, with about 1200km of council-owned and managed roads. The remainder are state-controlled roads, owned and managed by the Department of Transport and Mains Roads.

Cardwell Road Network (Google Earth)

Cardwell Road Network

Council manages roads via a hierarchy which defines the level of service applied to each road.

The hierarchy is reflective of the road function, the average vehicle-per-day usage and the road's linkage importance. Learn more about our unsealed roads.

Council owns and maintains 169 bridges and 139 major road culverts throughout the road network.

That equates to a bridge structure for every 7km of council road network. This is due to the hilly topography of the Cassowary Coast and its high rainfall averages.

The Jubilee Bridge over the South Johnstone River in the heart of Innisfail is one of the larger bridges in the Cassowary Coast region and carries the most traffic of all council bridges, followed by Banyan Creek Bridge at the main entrance to Tully.

Jubilee Bridge

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