Surrounded by bananas, sugar cane plantations and world-heritage rainforest, Tully is one of greenest and wettest towns in Australia. Tully’s landmarks are scenic Mt Tyson and the Golden Gumboot, a 7.9m tourist attraction celebrating the record-breaking year that 7900mm of rain fell on the town.

Situated 148km south of Cairns, Tully has a population of about 3000.

The Tully region is the nation’s banana heartland. Cane is also a major employer and the Tully Sugar Mill is another of the town’s landmarks.

Established in the 1920s as a sugar town, Tully’s mill now processes about two million tonnes of cane each year. During the crushing season (June to December) there are daily guided tours.

With its strong agricultural industries, Tully is a popular base for working backpackers with jobs usually available all year round. For the traveller, Tully has a good range of shops, supermarkets, banks, vehicle repairers and medical services.

Mt Tyson towers 640m over Tully and the climb to the top is rewarded with a magnificent view of the region and its nearby coastline.

The Tully River is one of the best white-water rafting spots in Australia, with grade 3-4 rapids and stunning views of world heritage-listed rainforest. A sealed road leads to the Tully Gorge National Park, 50km west of Tully.

About 7km north of the township, Alligators Nest is a popular picnic area with a fresh water swimming hole. The spot was named after a local scout group called ‘The Alligators’ – so no need to be concerned about alligators or crocs!

Mission Beach and the quiet coastal communities of Tully Heads and Hull Heads are also nearby, and overlook many tropical islands. With boat ramp facilities and a Coastguard base at Tully Heads-Hull Heads, they are popular spots for fishing and boating.

Photos courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland