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Activate Cassowary Coast_Development Incentive Policy - Reduction In Development Application Fees Policy.pdf 352.9k
Activate Cassowary Coast - Development Incentive Policy - Reduction in Infrastructure Charges.pdf 243.2k
Activate Cassowary Coast_Development Incentives Policy - Facade Improvement Scheme Policy.pdf 471.4k
Activate Cassowary Coast_Development Incentives Policy - New Development Attraction Incentive Policy.pdf 416.8k
Activate Cassowary Coast - Development Incentives - Reduction in Additional Pedestal Charge for Sewerage Policy.pdf 360.4k
Advertising Spending.pdf 576.2k
Arts and Cultural Policy - Under review.pdf 129.5k
Asset Capitalisation Process.pdf 736.2k
Asset Management.pdf 514.0k
Asset Management Strategy 2017-2022.pdf 346.4k
Assets Disposal.pdf 688.7k
Audit Committee Charter.pdf 177.1k
Audit Committee.pdf 381.3k
Building Over Or Near Relevant Infrastructure QDC MP 1.4.pdf 516.0k
Children and Young People in Libraries.pdf 514.6k
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy.pdf 439.9k
Code of Conduct for Council Employees.pdf 326.1k
Commercial Filming-Photograph Policy.pdf 629.6k
Community Assistance Scheme Guidelines - Under review.pdf 288.2k
Community Engagement Policy.pdf 415.0k
Community Gardens Policy Under Review.pdf 393.8k
Community Grants Policy Guidelines.pdf 352.5k
Community Grants Policy.pdf 164.1k
Complaints Management.pdf 789.9k
Councillor Code of Conduct.pdf 599.1k
Councillor Contact with Lobbysists, Developers and Submitters.pdf 516.8k
Councillors Interaction with Staff.pdf 581.0k
Debt Policy.pdf 417.3k
Delegated Power and Authorisations.pdf 648.9k
Enterprise Risk Management Framework and Guidelines.pdf 1,611.3k
Enterprise Risk Management.pdf 445.2k
Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure.pdf 719.8k
Expenses Reimbursement for Councillors CCRC001.pdf 609.1k
Fraud and Corruption Control.pdf 535.3k
Fraud Control Plan adopted 09-09-2015.pdf 660.1k
Granting of Leases for Telecommunications Facilities.pdf 436.5k
Heritage Collections Libraries Policy 4.13.pdf 43.1k
Information Privacy and Confidentiality Guidelines.pdf 266.0k
Information Privacy and Confidentiality.pdf 499.7k
Intermittent Sealing of Unsealed Roads.pdf 505.0k
Intermittent Sealing of Unsealed Roads Procedure.pdf 249.7k
Internal Audit Charter.pdf 2,385.0k
Internal Audit.pdf 483.6k
Investigation Policy - Conduct of Councillors.pdf 599.8k
Investment.pdf 332.1k
Kerbside Refuse Collection Service Policy 5.4 Appendix 1.pdf 1,553.5k
Kerbside Refuse Collection Service Policy 5.4 Appendix 2.pdf 1,034.6k
Kerbside Refuse Collection Service Policy 5.4.pdf 52.3k
Libraries Collection Development Policy.pdf 202.5k
Libraries Membership Policy.pdf 319.5k
Libraries Public Internet Use Policy.pdf 206.7k
Lobbying and Advocacy.pdf 414.8k
Media and Communications.pdf 554.7k
Naming of Significant Assets.pdf 634.7k
Portable and Attractive Items.pdf 504.8k
Prevention and Management of Complaints about the Public Official.pdf 568.5k
Procurement.pdf 574.9k
Provision of Legal Assistance for Employees and Councillors.pdf 525.3k
Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines and Procedures.pdf 445.3k
Public Interest Disclosure.pdf 627.5k
Rates Recovery.pdf 413.1k
Rating Concessions.pdf 621.8k
Receipt of Benefits, Gifts and Prizes.pdf 742.6k
Related Party Disclosures.pdf 506.4k
Revenue Policy.pdf 428.9k
Revenue Statement 2019-2020.pdf 948.7k
Right to Information.pdf 573.2k
Road Closure Applications Policy 5.01.pdf 36.4k
Road Network.pdf 507.4k
Standard Terms and Conditions for Aerodrome Leases.pdf 472.7k
Standing Orders - Conduct of Council Meetings.pdf 673.4k
Sundry Debt Recovery.pdf 515.2k
Sustainability.pdf 27.9k
Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan.pdf 460.6k
Trade Waste.pdf 567.5k
Usage of Metered Standpipes.pdf 502.2k
Use of Social Media Policy.pdf 221.3k
Vehicle Access Crossovers.pdf 615.6k
Volunteers Policy.pdf 544.6k
Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country Policy.pdf 238.1k
Showing 80 results.
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