Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Water Restrictions Water Restrictions

Level 2 water conservation measures
are now in place across the region.


Due to recent rain, Cassowary Coast Regional Council is downgrading water restrictions to Level 2.

Level 2 water conservation measures for
watering of private gardens are:

  • Odd-numbered houses can use sprinklers on Tuesdays and Saturdays between
    6am - 7am and 6pm - 7pm.
  • Even-numbered houses can use sprinklers on Wednesdays and Sundays between
    6am and 7am and 6pm and 7pm.
  • Watering cans or buckets filled directly from taps can be used at any time.
  • Hand-held hoses with a trigger nozzle can be used at any time on any day except Monday.
  • No watering of gardens by trigger nozzles or sprinklers on Mondays.


For the full list of restrictions at Level 2
and other details about restrictions, please see:

Water restrictions do not apply to consumers who are using a bore or rainwater tank for outdoor uses.

It is recommended, residents who have a bore or rainwater tank make an application with Council to have the bore or tank registered with Council. Council will inspect the bore/tank and provide a sign (that can be erected on the fence), all at no cost to the applicant. The application form is below.