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Prepare now for next week's garbage collection service changes

Your smaller wet waste bin will be collected once a week and your bigger dry waste bin once a fortnight. In the south, you need to start separating your waste into 2 bins this week after your standard garbage collection day.

Important Changes to Your Garbage Collection Service

From 3 August there will be important changes to everyone's garbage collection services. The two-bin system in the north will be rolled out in the south and there will be changes to garbage collection services right across the region. Please "Read More" for details & factsheets.

Council Meeting News Briefs - 23 July 2015

"Read More" for news about master drainage studies focusing on stormwater problem areas for Innisfail CBD, Mission Beach & East Innisfail, the Audit Committee's annual report & new contracts for cleaning our public toilets...

Apply for a Regional Arts Development Fund Grant

Do you or your organisation have great ideas about art, dance, music, photography, writing, cultural projects and more? Apply for a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant by 4.30pm Friday 28 August...

Water Lines Flushing - Greater Tully, Mission Beach & Cardwell Area

The latest water line flushing program will begin on 3 August. Please "Read More" for dates and locations including Feluga, Bulgun, Carmoo, Merryburn, Hull Heads, Stoney Creek Rd...

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