Making a Complaint

Please note: This complaints section is not for lodging customer requests such as requiring council officers to fix a pot hole or attend to a problem dog.  Please read the supporting information carefully before you register an Administrative Action Complaint.

Council has a complaints management policy and a process to make sure all complaints are dealt with in a fair and efficient manner.

Your comments give us feedback to help us improve our services.

Please note:

Please consider whether the 'Make a Request' page is more appropriate for your matter than the administrative complaints management system. The 'Make a Request' page is for requesting a service or reporting an issue. It covers issues like abandoned vehicles; animals barking or straying, boat ramps and moorings; dead animal on roads; feral pigs and wild dogs, illegal camping, overgrown allotments; nuisances/pollution; roads and drainage; sewerage; waste management and water. 

If you have previously used "Make a Request" and have received no response within a reasonable timeframe please proceed to log your complaint here.

If you need more information about the complaint management process, download the:

Make a complaint

Following your lodgement, a Council officer may contact you to discuss your concerns or to ask for more information. Council will then respond to your complaint, giving the reasons for its view. In some cases, your complaint may be reviewed by an independent council officer if other avenues of investigation have been exhausted.

Privacy Notice: The information you supply via the online form will be used for the purpose of responding to your complaint.  The collection of this information is authorised by the Information Privacy Act 2009. Your personal details will only be provided to the complaints officer or, when necessary, a  relevant department officer for investigation purposes, and will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have given your permission or Council is required to do so by law.  You may apply to access this information on the appropriate form obtainable from Council's website at any time.

Public Interest Disclosures

A Public Interest Disclosure (PID) is a report about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector. Council is committed to protecting those who report wrongdoing.  To see more information please go to the PID page by clicking on this link.

Human Rights Act 2019

The Human Rights Act 2019 is an Act to protect and promote human rights, to help build a culture in the Qld public sector that respects and promotes human rights and to help promote a dialogue about the nature, meaning and scope of human rights.

The Act enables individuals to make a complaint about agencies, statutory bodies and entities to the Queensland Human Rights Commission.  Human rights complaint triggers include discrimination, right to life, freedom from forced works, freement of movement, freedom of expression etc.  For more information visit