Water Service Interruptions

Current planned and unplanned water outages are shown below. 

Unplanned water supply outages usually occur due to a leak or burst in a water main. In some cases, we need to temporarily disconnect the water supply to surrounding areas so the pipe can be repaired.

Planned water supply outages usually occur due to our water main replacement program. In some cases, we need to temporarily disconnect the water supply to surrounding areas so the pipe can be installed or reconnected. 


Location Status Description Affected Areas Duration Date and Time
Goondi Bend Emergency works Repair fire hybdrant Maple St - approx 15 properties affected approx 2 hours Thu 11 July, 8am to 11am
Intersection of Bruce Highway and Silkwood-Japoon Road/Murdering Point Road Scheduled works 150 mm water main = install valves Approx 40 properties from John Street, Silkwood across the Bruc Highway, Silkwood to near 137 Murdering point Road Approx 6 hours Tuesday 16 July 9am to 3pm
Geddes Street, Tuly Scheduled Works 100mm Water Main is being renewed Approx 18 properties will experience loss of water Apprx 8 weeks Commencing Monday 24 June 2024
Mars St and Geddes St, Tully Scheduled works Replace 100 mm water main

The works will affect Mars Street from the intersection of McQuillen, the intersection of Mars and Brannigan Street and then along Geddes Street, Tully.  There will be approximately 10 houses which may experience interruptions.

The work is expected to commence on Tuesday, 2nd April 2024 and continue for 6 to 8 weeks, weather permitting.

Starting Tues 2 April 2024

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* times indicated are approximate only and subject to change due to specific job requirements.

Once water supply has been restored, the outage will be removed from this list.

What happens once water supply has resumed?

Once the water is reconnected, residents may find their water to appear milky in colour. This is due to air and some debris entering the pipes. We suggest customers run a outside tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear. During this time, water is still safe for use.

Once the issue has been resolved, if your water supply does not resume, low pressure is experienced or water remains discoloured for some time please contact Council’s Customer Service on 1300 763 903 to report the fault.

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