Some TV channels are changing frequencies in this region this month. You  may need to re-tune your TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder. To find out when your area's re-tune will happen, visit or phone 1800 201 013.

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2014 Garden Competition Winners

The “wow factor” of Melina Adrijevic's Kurrimine Beach garden has won her the top award in this year’s Cassowary Coast Regional Council Garden Competition. Congratulations to all 15 winners. "Read More" for details.

Cassowary Coast Family Day care Educator Wins Far North Award

Cassowary Coast Family Day Care Scheme educator Georgina Zadelj has been named Cairns and Far North Coast regional winner in the 2014 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards.

Free Sessions on Copyright, Moral Rights, Intellectual Property

Council is bringing Arts Law to the region (through a RADF grant) for the September 8, 9 & 10 sessions, which are tailor-made for local artists, writers and cultural groups. "Read More" for details...

Council Works with Stakeholders on Camping and Caravan Options

Council is progressively working with key stakeholders across the region to consider the many types of camping and caravan park options suitable for each area.

River Improvement Trust: Subsidies for Landholder Projects

Subsidy levels for individual landholder projects have increased from 25 per cent to 40 per cent. Apply for a subsidy through the Cassowary Coast River Improvement Trust. "Read More" for details.

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