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Electronic issue of rates notices Electronic issue of rates notices

USE: Request rate notices to be emailed rather than posted.

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The Cassowary Coast Regional Council respects your privacy. Personal information on this form is collected in accordance with the Local Government Regulation 2012 and is used only by Council rates staff for the purpose of processing the details contained in this form and will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless you have given your permission or Council is required to do so by law. You may apply to access this information on the appropriate form obtainable from Council Website at any time.

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As the registered owner(s) for the above-mentioned property(s), I hereby request that Cassowary Coast Regional Council email all future rate notices.

I acknowledge that the issuing of rate notices electronically will be in place of receiving rate notices via post.

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(1) By completing and returning this form you are providing consent to Council to provide your rate notice/s electronically pursuant to section 108 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Qld). The provision of this information/documentation electronically complies with the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001.

(2) The information provided by you is solely for the purpose of delivery of your rate and/or water notice/s by electronic mail. The way in which Council manages personal information is governed by the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld).

(3) You must be the registered owner of the property to receive the rate and/or water notice/s by email.

(4) All notices will be sent as a PDF document attached to an email which includes the fees and charges brochure and any other relevant information.

(5) Any changes to your email address or requests to stop receiving rate and/or water notice/s by email must be received in writing and is the responsibility of the property owner/authorised person.

(6) If electronic mail is returned undeliverable, notices will be posted to you at your last advised postal address.

(7) If two or more consecutive undeliverable messages occur, Council may cancel your request to email rate and/or water notice/s.

(8) Council will only email a notice to one email address.

(9) It is the property owners responsibility to ensure that their postal address is updated with Council.

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