Responsible Dog Ownership

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Your pet is part of the family unit.

You are responsible for care of this pet for the duration of its life and you are responsible for everything your pet does.

It is a full time responsibility that needs to be carefully considered.

If you are considering pet ownership, selecting the right pet for your lifestyle is important.

Choose a breed that matches both your lifestyle and your environment (house, yard, flat).

Make sure you can devote the necessary time to training, exercising and socialising your pet.

It is also important to determine whether you can afford the veterinary check-ups, vaccinations and food your pet will need during its lifetime.

Ask Council or your local vet for advice if you are not sure.

Owning a pet is great fun, but it does come with responsibility. Much of being a responsible pet owner is understanding your pet's needs and being aware of your responsibilities to the community.

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A responsible dog or cat owner is one who:

  • provides adequate food, water, shelter, stimulus and living space for their pet.
  • regularly exercises their dog.
  • gets their dog or cat desexed.
  • vaccinates and worms their pet.
  • registers their dog with Council annually and ensures their dog wears its identification tag.
  • ensures their dog and cat are microchipped.
  • picks up after their pet.
  • provides adequate fencing to contain their dog on their property.
  • ensures their dog does not cause a nuisance to neighbours or other community members.

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