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Every year in mid September the Tropical Art Deco Festival showcases Australia’s most concentrated area of Art Deco Buildings in a region rich in tropical natural assets. Whether it’s sophisticated soirees, dining experiences, alluring fashion, vintage car displays, world-class jazz performances or taking in the region’s fascinating stories and history, there's a lot to discover throughout the Tropical Art Deco Festival! 

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Cassowary Coast Art Deco and Historical
Self-Guided Walk

Cassowary Coast Art Deco and Historical Self-Guided Walk:  Take a step back in time to the roaring 20s and discover the hidden tales behind the Art Deco and historical buildings of interest in the Cassowary Coast. Explore the history and take in the beauty of the region rich in natural assets, positioned where the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforest meet. This is a self-guided location based storytelling tool that gives technical details on decorative architecture as well the history of how Art Deco was built from tragedy.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is a member of the Art Deco and Modernism Society of Australia INC.

Discover more about our Cuzzy Bro city, Napier, New Zealand.

Cassowary Coast Art Deco Strategy

The Cassowary Coast Art Deco Strategy aims to reinvigorate and celebrate the currently dormant Art Deco attraction in the Cassowary Coast region. The strategy details a number of goals and actions which are considered to be essential in activating Art Deco in the Cassowary Coast and also acts as a public declaration of Council’s commitment to reinvigorating the region’s Art Deco asset. 

View the Cassowary Coast Art Deco Strategy