Community Facilities

  • There are three aerodromes in the Cassowary Coast region which are currently owned by the Cassowary Coast Regional Council - Mundoo, Tully and Dallachy.

    Mundoo Aerodrome is just outside the region's major centre of Innisfail. Tully Aerodrome is close to Tully's central business district and Dallachy Aerodrome is close to the township of Cardwell - a halfway point between Cairns and Townsville.

    Mundoo Aerodrome is the largest of the three and has become a centre for aerial spraying businesses on the coast, as well as skydiving operations. The Tully airfield is known as a hub for skydiving, among other activities. Dallachy Aerodrome has significant potential although its current uses are limited.

    Mundoo Aerodrome

    • Approximately 6km south west of Innisfail. Access is bitumen roads.
    • Runway 1 (bitumen sealed): 1380m
    • Runway 2 (grasssed): 1400m
    • Lot Plan 99SP169226, 66.67 ha
    • For more information for Mundoo please refer to the AIP - ERSA.

    Tully Aerodrome

    • Approximately 2km north-east of Tully. Access is bitumen roads.
    • Runway approximately 950m bitumen
    • Lot Plan 195SP131220, 29.24ha

    Dallachy Aerodrome

    • North of Cardwell. Access is gravel road from highway.
    • Runway approximately 1km grass
    • Lot Plan 134SP106046, 430.8ha
  • CCTV

    Cassowary Coast Regional Council is committed to the continuous improvement of community safety. The utilisation of CCTV cameras throughout our region is a valuable resource used by Council in cooperation with Local Law Enforcement to enhance public safety outcomes.

    Cameras are located at various sites throughout the region, including township CBD’s, Parks, Libraries, Customer Service Facilities, Marine Facilities and Water & Sewerage Plants.

    The objectives of the CCTV System are as follows:

    • To reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders;
    • To assist in the investigation and/or prosecution of offenders; 
    • To reduce fear of crime within the community; 
    • To help secure a safer environment for those whom work in, live in and visit the Cassowary Coast Region;
    • To monitor or record progress of construction/works at Council property;
    • To obtain data of usage of roads or other Council facilities for future planning purposes; 
    • To monitor operational aspects of Council facilities including, water levels, waste levels or general asset condition;  
    • To monitor compliance with, or identify breaches against, Council Local Laws and Policies; and
    • Assist in the enforcement of Leases, Permits & the collection of Fees & Charges.  

    Privacy & Access to Footage 

    CCTV System Operations are managed in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009, Right to Information Act 2009 and all other relevant legislation. Council has also adopted the ‘Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy’ which provides a framework governing the establishment and operation of our Council's Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems and the management of any associated data. Council also provides privacy collection notices at camera locations by way of signage.

    Members of the public may request copies of footage containing their personal information under the Information Privacy Act’s Privacy Principles. Applications for footage may be requested through completion of the ‘CCTV – Footage Release Request Form (Personal Information)’.

    For further information regarding our CCTV System please contact Cassowary Coast Regional Council on 1300 366 616.