Grants and Funding

Council offers a range of grant programs to support projects, activities and events across the region.

Our grant programs offer the following opportunities for groups and, in some instances, individuals, to apply for support to undertake activities that benefit the community of the financial assistance can be through grants and funding to individuals and not-for-profit community organisations. This intends to enhance liveability through the breadth and quality of community events, services, programs and facilities in the Region consistent with the Council’s adopted Annual Budget and strategic priorities that are identified in its Corporate Plan and Operational Plan for any given year.

Community Grants - Now Open


Grant Closing Date Grant Limit

Community Grants - Round 1


Community Grants - Round 2

Community Grants - Round 3

Community Grants - Round 4

Closes 28 November


Closes 2 May 2023



Per Round


Emergent Needs Funding  Year round until allocation has been expended  Capped at $1,000

Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)


Round 1

Opens: 28 October 2022

Closes: 28 November 

Round 2

Opens: 3 April 2023

Closes: 2 May 2023


Regional Arts Development Fund - Quick Response Grant Year Round until allocation has been expended Capped at $1,000
Youth Assistance Year Round until allocation has been expended.




Allocations as per Grants Policy

Youth Sports Bursary Program     $750 and a branded polo 
  • Cassowary Coast regional Council’s Community Grants Policy supports the Goals outlined in Council’s Corporate Plan 2021-2025.

    Objectives of the Community Grants Program

    This Program is intended to:

    • Provide community organisations with support to meet identified community needs
    • Build community skills, capacity and resilience
    • Develop and maintain community infrastructure
    • Provide opportunities for community organisations to leverage Council’s assistance to obtain funding from other sources
    • Provide opportunities for community organisations to assist Council to deliver on Councils strategic goals and identified key initiatives

    Grants available
    Cassowary Coast Regional Council Community Grants are targeted towards projects and event funding. The first round of Community Grants is now open, with grants available for up to $5,000 in the areas of:

    • Community Wellbeing and Lifestyle
    • Economic Development
    • Environmental Sustainability

    Cassowary Coast Regional Council’s new Community Grants Program provides support for local community organisations that endeavour to make positive change and contribute to a vibrant community.

    Community Grants - Round 1 -  Open 28 October 2022 Close 28 November 2022 -  Awarded January 2023
    Community Grants - Round 2 -  Open 3 April 2023 Close 2 May 2023  - Awarded June 2023

    View Community Grant Guidelines

  • The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local Government to invest in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

    RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers to support diversity and inclusivity; grow strong regions; and provide training, education and employment opportunities for Queensland artists and local communities.

    RADF is a flexible fund, enabling Councils to tailor RADF programs to suit the needs of their community.

    RADF Round 1 Open 28 October 2022 Close 28 November 2022 Awarded January 2023

    RADF Round 2 Open 3 March 2022 Close 3 April 2022 Awarded May 2023

    Applications NOW OPEN

    Cassowary Coast Regional Council RADF Committee

    • Wendy Sheils (Chair)
    • Sue Foley (Vice Chair)
    • Tricia Walker
    • Geoff Moffatt
    • Ian Stewart
    • Cr Trudy Tschui
  • Council is committed to providing opportunities to junior athletes by providing a suite of Sports Bursaries to promote, encourage and sustain sporting participation and healthy life styles in the Cassowary Coast.

    Seven bursaries packages of $750 and branded polo shirt each will be made available annually consisting of

    1. Junior Sports Female (Age 8-12) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.
    2. Junior Sports Male (Age 8-12) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.
    3. Senior Sports Female (Age 13-18) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.
    4. Senior Sports Male (Age 13-18) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.
    5. Junior Indigenous Sports Person (Age 8-12) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.
    6. Senior Indigenous Sports Person (Age 13-18) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.
    7. Youth with a Disability Sports Person (Age 8-18) - $750 and branded polo shirt packages.

    Previous recipients have used the bursary ($750 each) to support their endeavours putting it towards cost of travel to competitions or purchase new sporting equipment.

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Information Privacy and Right to Information

Applicants must consent to the information contained within this application being disclosed to or by Cassowary Coast Regional Council for the purpose of assessing, administering, monitoring and evaluation. Council may contact other funding agencies to verify grants requested from other funding agencies in support of projects.  For transparency, all payments will be viewable on this website via the Funding Recipients List.