Doing Business on the Cassowary Coast

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is committed to the growth of existing and development of new small businesses across the region. Small businesses are the heart of our small towns, helping to shape our community and drive our economy.

Small Business Friendly Initiative

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is a Small Business Friendly Council. In April 2022, Council officially signed the Small Business Friendly Charter, pledging to support small businesses through facilitating better communication, engagement and explanation of documentation. There are over 3,000 small businesses across the Cassowary Coast region that will benefit from the charter through the support, resources and additional tools available.



Business and Investment Resources

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Council has a strong commitment to source local, opting for local contractors and suppliers. Cassowary Coast Regional Council is a major contributor to the economy, generating a range of economic benefits for the region through employment and expenditure on goods and services.



Additional Support

  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council are seeking energetic economic voices to express their interest in committee membership for the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC). Click below to find out more!



  • New hospitality and construction businesses on the Cassowary Coast can access the online one-stop-shop service Business Launchpad, provided by the Queensland Government, to help locate and complete the right paperwork to get started.



  • The ECO Certification program certifies tourism products (tours, accommodations, attractions) with a primary focus on nature.

    It assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high-quality nature-based tourism experiences.

    The Cassowary Coast Regional Council encourages all nature based tourism businesses (accommodation, attractions and tours) to complete a quick free ECO scan to see whether your business is suitable and establish what work is involved in becoming and ECO Certified business.


  • The Queensland Small Business Commissioner’s office  has partnered with GIVIT to create the Queensland Small Business Hardship Appeal. This appeal has been created to help businesses who are needing that extra bit of help because they’ve encountered hardship due to things outside of their control, such as COVID, floods or bushfires.

    Small businesses experiencing hardship can contact the Queensland Small Business Commissioner’s office to be connected with our Small Business Hardship Appeal partners on 1300 312 344.

    For businesses who would like to pledge their support for businesses experiencing hardship you can nominate items needed or donate funds that businesses can use to get their business back up and running via:

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    The Queensland Government recognises the important role Volunteers play in local sport and recreation clubs and is pleased to partner with QFSR Skills Alliance to offer a number of online training opportunities through the Department's Building Active Communities Workshops program.

    All courses are self-paced and take between 2-3 hours to complete.

    Commmittee Management

    Whether you're a new committee member for an experienced committee executive, this course explores the diverse roles and responsibilities of a committee member and how to effectively manage club resources.  The training covers legal duties, monitoring organisational performance, compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and committee ethics.  Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Financial Management

    Good financial management is essential for any club's survival and involves all committee members.  Successful financial management involves being able to review financial information, effectively manage funds, implement sound financial practices and understand your club's financial position and obligations.  Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Volunteer Management

    This training will give you an appreciation for the value that volunteers can add to an organisation including an awareness of policies, strategies and practices for ensuring that volunteers have roles that are meaningful to both themselves and the organisation. Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Marketing & Promotion

    Marketing is about communicating information on your club’s activities and facilities to attract new members, volunteers and sponsors. This training explores the benefits and process for developing an effective marketing plan. Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Fundraising, Grants & Sponsorship

    This training will help you develop the basic skills, knowledge and key processes necessary to establish, implement and manage a successful fundraising program. Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Strategic Planning

    This training will help you develop the basic skills, knowledge and key processes necessary to establish, implement and manage a successful strategic plan. Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Laws Insurance

    This training will bring you up to date on the relevant laws and policies and will highlight recent changes that impact on clubs, in particular, the fulfilment of responsibilities. Register at Skills Alliance website.

    Risk Management

    This training introduces club volunteers to the concepts, principals and processes of risk management within the sport and recreation environment. It explains the tools and techniques that will aid implementation of practices to ensure a safe environment for all members and visitors to sporting clubs and grounds. Register at Skills Alliance website.

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Need support with or help to start or grow your business? Contact the Small Business Friendly team at Council via email

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Please contact Council via email, phone 1300 763 903 or visit the Cassowary Coast Regional Council on Facebook at Cassowary Coast Regional Council for more updates.