Home Based Businesses

Cassowary Coast Regional Council recognises that home based businesses are important for the economic growth of the region. The Cassowary Coast Regional Council Planning Scheme sets requirements to help protect neighbourhood amenity while balancing the needs of home based businesses.


Home Based Business – Information Sheet
The planning scheme defines a home based business as “A dwelling used for a business activity where subordinate to the residential use.”

Examples of home based businesses: Bed & breakfast; farm stay; home office; home based child care or home hairdressing salon.

Examples of home based business do not include the following: Hobby; café; shop; warehouse; transport depot or boarding kennel.

Please use the self-assessable checklists below to determine whether your home based business will need an application and approval from council. From this assessment you will determine if your business is Accepted Development or Assessable Development.

  • Accepted Development: Development that meets all of the relevant requirements (including overlay requirements if applicable), meaning planning approval from council is not required.
  • Assessable Development: Development that does not meet one or more of the relevant requirements, meaning a planning application is required to be lodged with council.

Please note that this information relates to Planning approvals only. You may be required to obtain other approvals from Council (e.g. businesses involving food may need a food licence). For more information, please contact Environmental Health on 1300 763 903.


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*The Villages Local Plan includes the villages of Cowley Beach, El Arish, Feluga, Flying Fish Point/Coconuts, Kennedy, Kurrimine Beach, Mena Creek, Midgenoo, Mourilyan, Mundoo, Moresby, Silkwood, South Johnstone, Tully-Hull Heads and Wangan.