Mayor and Councillors

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has seven elected councillors who represent residents.

The mayor is elected by all residents, while the other six councillors represent a division of the region and are elected by the residents in their division.

Council holds elections every four years. Voting is compulsory for all residents who are Australian citizens over 18 years of age.

Mayor Teresa Millwood



Mayor Teresa Millwood

Portfolio:  Advocacy

Ph: 0475 735 005 

I was born and bred on the Cassowary Coast and have resided here for most of my life. My family were banana growers and later in life, my father took a position in the Cardwell Shire Council where he spent the remainder of his career.  My career path includes thirty years as a hairdresser and sixteen years as a nurse. I’ve also worked as a phlebotomist for six years and owned my own school bus run for seven years.  As a lifelong learner with a desire to experience new things, this has provided me with a wide-ranging knowledge of different areas and allows me to adapt to a variety of situations. I am happily married with one son and my entire family still live locally in the Cassowary Coast.

Nick Pervan 2



Councillor Nicholas Pervan, Division 4 (Deputy Mayor)

Portfolio: Infrastructure Services

Ph: 0457 540 200

I am proudly born and bred in Innisfail with strong family ties to the community with my parents, siblings and children all having attended Flying Fish Point Primary School and Good Counsel College. Prior to becoming a Councillor at Cassowary Coast, I had a successful career in real estate and have been an owner/manager of a Backpackers Hostel for over a decade. My father was the last deputy mayor of Johnstone Shire and being an active part of the community is in my blood.

This is Councillor Pervan's second term as Division 4 Councillor.

Peter Reed 2





Councillor Peter Reed, Division 1

Portfolio: Water and Wastewater

Ph: 0488 122 310 

I’m an agriculture professional who’s spent my whole life in the Cassowary Coast.  During my forty-four years of consulting, I’ve worked with farmers, local businesses, government departments and community organisations to find solutions to local issues that balance the needs of farmers, community and the environment.  I’m a keen fisherman who has spent most of my life on the water leading to my passion for the preservation of natural resources so that future generations can enjoy our rainforest, crystal clear creeks, magnificent beaches, offshore islands and the Great Barrier Reef.

Ellen Jessop



Councillor Ellen Jessop, Division 2

Portfolio: Waste and Resource Recovery

Ph: 0461 363 532

I was born in Innisfail and come from a long line of pioneers.  I spent most of my childhood living at Flying Fish Point where I was schooled and really enjoyed the carefree lifestyle of the beach, fishing, swimming, and boat trips to the islands.  In 1987 my husband and I opened Tully Hot Bread where we traded for thirty-five years while raising our three beautiful children.  We now have four gorgeous grandchildren – all of whom are the light of our eyes.  In my spare time I love to sketch, paint and spend time with my children and grandchildren.  Family is everything to me.

Trudy Tschui 2



Councillor Trudy Tschui, Division 3

Portfolio: Community, Culture and Liveability

Ph: 0457 145 983

I was born and raised in Tully and in my younger days, I was lucky enough to live and work in various cities in Queensland, enjoying a career in both hairdressing and hospitality. My sense of adventure led me to living in the UK for over five years and in 1995 on my return to the Cassowary Coast I opened my hair salon in Mission Beach which I owned and operated until I became a Councillor in 2020.  I am proud to have also raised my two children on the Cassowary Coast, and my husband works in the agriculture industry, which has afforded me a unique insight into this industry. I’m a passionate advocate for victims of domestic violence as founder of ‘The Handbag Project’, and in 2020 I was proud to be one of 130 individuals and organisations across Queensland to be inducted into the Queensland’s inaugural Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Honour Roll. 

This is Councillor Tschui’s second term as Division 3 Councillor.

Jeff Baines 2



Councillor Jeff Baines, Division 5

Portfolio: Development, Planning and Environment

Ph: 0438 354 427

I am a chef by trade having established JaGaD’s Epicurean Emporium in 2003 with my wife.  My two daughters are fifth generation “Cassowarians” as their great grandfather was a Johnstone Shire Councillor in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. My father was a professional solider who served with the Australian SAS and was killed in Vietnam in February 1968, thus I have developed a lifelong affinity with the RSL to honour his service for our country.  In my free time I’m heavily involved in our community through volunteer positions and am a passionate advocate for the environment.

This is Councillor Baines' third term as Division 5 Councillor.

Renee McLeod 2



Councillor Renee McLeod, Division 6

Portfolio: Economic Development and Tourism

Ph: 0457 167 823

Born and raised on the Cassowary Coast, I am a granddaughter, daughter, sister, wife, friend and a mother of three. I have the best childhood memories spending many nights at the Mourilyan Harbour fishing and living on the family cane farm in Mourilyan. I’ve worked in retail for over twenty-five years, owned a photography business for nineteen years and co-owned an events and party business for five years in the middle of COVID, which I co-owned with my best friend. I’m a dedicated community member, Rotarian, and one of the original Christmas Crew members who still delivers the annual Street Party in Innisfail. My Nonna is my role model and the strongest person I know.

This is Councillor McLeod’s second term as Division 6 Councillor after a bi-election in July 2021.

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