Our Council

Cassowary Coast Regional Council was formed on 15 March 2008 with the amalgamation of Cardwell and Johnstone shires.

The Cassowary Coast region has:

  • an area of 4,702 square km
  • a population that sits at about 30,000
  • a mix of town, rural and coastal communities

Council is led by a mayor and six councillors. For more information see the Councillors page.

Council's Vision

The Council’s vision is a reflection of how it values its communities and stakeholders, how it does its business and how to best achieve a prosperous future.

"...Better Together..."

Delivering outcomes for a vibrant and prosperous community that ‘loves the place we live’ is fundamental to the vision of “better together”.

Council's Mission

We are committed to providing strong leadership and direction to build community capacity and enhance economic growth and build the region’s reputation for opportunity, a prosperous and relaxed lifestyle and of outstanding natural beauty.

Council's Core Values

Great experiences, delivering value, and creating a sustainable future for our community.