Reef Guardian Program

The Reef Guardian Council program was developed to achieve better environmental outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef through local government actions in natural resource management and through improvements in local government and community capacity.

To be considered Reef Guardians, councils must develop an action plan which is reviewed annually in order to:

  • ensure that Council is on track to complete the projects in its action plan;
  • identify any significant milestones that have occurred; and
  • identify any development and capacity-building opportunities.

Council's action plan is monitored by council staff in conjunction with staff from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Council takes pride in its activities as a Reef Guardian Council and seeks to identify opportunities to embed practices which have good outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef within its everyday operations.

Council continues to work with the community and community groups to undertake projects that benefit the region's natural and coastal environment.  These include ongoing education, entering into partnerships with community groups, undertaking revegetation projects and improving signage.

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