Lodging a Plumbing & Drainage Application

A  permit is required for all plumbing and drainage work which is not included in the schedules of notifiable work, minor work or unregulated work in accordance with the Plumbing and Drainage Act.

Plumbing and drainage work must be carried out by a licensed plumber and drainer, and a permit is required before work commences.

To check if a plumber or drainer holds a current licence, please contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

To lodge a development application for plumbing and drainage work, you may need to submit the following documentation depending upon the nature of the work

  • Plumbing Form 1 - Permit work application for Plumbing, Drainage and On-site sewerage work
  • Plumbing Form 7 - Notification of Responsible Person
  • A Floor Plan of the proposed building showing any proposed plumbing fixtures and their connection to either sewer or an on-site treatment facility.
  • A plan showing the Elevations of the proposed building
  • Site and Soil Classification Report
  • Sanitary Articulation Design Plan (if site classification is H, E or P)
  • On-site Sewerage Design Report prepared by a suitably qualified person (if property is located in a non-sewered area)

A handy checklist outlining all this is required when lodging a plumbing and drainage application can be found in the Plumbing Application Guidelines and Plumbing Checklist Factsheet.

Plumbing Applications can be submitted by email, post or physically at any one of our Council Offices. Postal details and office locations can be viewed on the Contact page of our website.  If emailing:

  1. And your application is for a property located to the south of El Arish and Bingil Bay (inclusive), please email it to buildingsouth@ccrc.qld.gov.au; or
  2. And your application is for a property located to the north of Silkwood and Kurrimine Beach (inclusive), please email it to buildingnorth@ccrc.qld.gov.au

All development applications can be tracked using MyCouncil.  Please see the MyCouncil Factsheet for more information about the MyCouncil website.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are applicable at the time of lodgement.  A link to Counci's fees and charges is below.
Use this link to view Council's Fees and Charges

Plumbing Permits

When a Development Application for Plumbing and Drainage Work is lodged with Council it will be given a development application (DA) number. Council then has 10 business days to issue a permit or request further information.

A Permit for Plumbing and Drainage Work (with or without on-site sewerage facilities) advises of the conditions and mandatory inspections necessary to enable the regulated plumbing and drainage work to be carried out.  A Final Inspection Certificate will be issued after a compliant Final Plumbing Inspection.

For residential sites, garbage bins will be automatically ordered and delivered to the site once a Final Inspection Certificate for plumbing and drainage work has been issued.

For commercial buildings, a plumbing and drainage Final Inspection Certificate must be issued before obtaining a building final Certificate of Classification.

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