Property Searches

To request a property search or building search, please complete the form/s below and organise a fee payment.

Property Search Request Form

Building Records Search Request Form

Ownership Transfer Fee

Council charges a $16.60 ownership transfer fee when you buy a property. This fee has been incorporated into the Property Search fee. You can apply for exemption from the ownership transfer fee when:

  • you transfer ownership to a former spouse/de facto/partner as part of a separation of assets
  • the property goes to the surviving joint tenant/s on the death of other joint tenant/s
  • there is a transfer by consent/direction
  • it is a public trustee transaction
  • it is pursuant to a will intestacy – this occurs when ownership transfer was not made clear in a deceased owner's will
  • an error in an earlier transfer of property needs to be fixed

The following purchases are not exempt from payment of the ownership transfer fee:

  • purchases made in the name of a trust
  • purchases made in the name of a company

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