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Innisfail Harbour


Marine Facilities

Cassowary Coast Council manages a range of marine facilities including:

 Seven wharves/jetties:

  • Daradgee Wharf (McAvoy Street), Daradgee
  • Innisfail Fish Board Wharf (Fitzgerald Esplanade), Innisfail**
  • Innisfail Public (Fitzgerald Esplanade), Innisfail **
  • Innisfail Commercial Wharf (Fitzgerald Esplanade), Innisfail
  • Perry Harvey Jetty, Mission Beach (formerly Clump Point Jetty)
  • Dunk Island Jetty, Dunk Island
  • Cardwell Jetty, Cardwell

 Sixteen boat ramps:

  • Flying Fish Point Boat Ramp, Flying Fish Point **
  • Coconuts Boat Ramp, Coconuts **
  • Innisfail Harbour Boat Ramp (near Jubilee Bridge), Innisfail **
  • Cowley Beach Boat Ramp (Bambarook Road), Cowley Beach **
  • Maria Creek Boat Ramp (Haydon Road), Kurrimine Beach **
  • Kurrimine Beach Boat Ramp (Robert Johnstone Parade), Kurrimine Beach **
  • Clump Point Boat Ramp, Mission Beach **
  • South Mission Beach Boat Ramp, (Kennedy Esplanade), South Mission Beach **
  • Hull River Boat Ramp (Jackey Jackey Street), South Mission Beach
  • Hull River Boat Ramp (Hull Drive), Carmoo **
  • Hull River Boat Ramp, Hull Heads **
  • Tully River Boat Ramp, Tully Heads **
  • Meunga Creek Boat Ramp (Meunga Creek Boat Ramp Road), Cardwell
  • Cardwell Boat Ramp (Sheridan Street), Cardwell **
  • Port Hinchinbrook Boat Ramp, Cardwell
  • Fishers Creek Boat Ramp, Cardwell **

A harbour facility at Innisfail (Johnstone River) including revetment wall and moorings

Seawalls from Innisfail to Cardwell

** These facilities are owned by the State Government's Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) with Council acting as the facility manager.  While Council is responsible for day-to-day operations and routine cleaning and maintenance of these facilities, structural maintenance, major repairs and upgrade/replacement of these facilities is the responsibility of TMR.

Commercial Use of Marine Facilities

Commercial users must apply for a permit for commercial use of Council's marine facilities, including berthing and refuelling operations.  Owners/operators of vessels requiring a berthing permit must submit a completed application, together with the required documentation to Council for approval.  Upon being granted a permit, the commercial user is authorised to berth their vessel at the designated site subject the conditions of the permit.  Permits are issued for a maximum of 12 months.

Mission Beach Safe Boating Infrastructure at Clump Point

For an update on the State Government's Mission Beach Safe Boating Infrastrucutre Project, visit the Department of State Development website.

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