Fences & Retaining Walls

Boundary & Dividing Fences

If you are planning to construct a fence that is over two metres high you must obtain a Development Permit prior to commencing work. Fences under two metres in height do not require Council approval. Fences can usually be constructed out of any material the home owner wishes to use, however it must be consistent with the zoning of the land (eg. barbwire fences must not be constructed in residential areas).

The Neighbourhood Dispute Resolutions Act 2011 contains new laws on fences. It relates to constructing & repairing fences that divide adjoining land. It also contains information about obtaining a contribution from your neighbour:

Neighbourhood Dispute Resolutions Act 2011

The below link also contains information about avoiding fence, tree & building disputes with your neighbours:

Avoiding Fence, Tree & Building Disputes

For pool fences, see the Pool Safety section

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