Evolving with Our Coast: Cassowary Coast Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy


Living with coastal hazards is part of living in the Cassowary Coast. With over 120km of coastline and a number of offshore islands, our region and residents are vulnerable to coastal hazards and the long-term impacts of climate change. Most of us experienced the impacts of severe weather events like the flooding of the Johnstone and Murray Rivers and Cyclones Larry (2006) and Yasi (2011).

Cassowary Coast is one of 31 coastal councils that has or is developing a Coastal Adaptation Strategy through the Queensland Government’s QCoast 2100 program.

With support from our consultant team, Council has developed a draft Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy, titled Evolving with Our Coast.  The strategy: 

  • Assesses the risk from coastal hazards, including coastal erosion, storm tide inundation and sea level rise, over time. 
  • Contains a vision for how the community and region can respond, adapt and evolve with the impacts of coastal hazards.
  • Identifies adaptation actions to respond to these coastal hazards. 
  • Outlines a strategy for implementing these adaptation measures which outlines roles, responsibilities and timeframes for actions. 

We are seeking community feedback on the draft strategy to ensure it provides the foundation for our collective action over time.

You can view and provide feedback on the entire strategy or download the chapter relevant to your locality of interest.

Feedback is open until Monday 20th March 2023.

Click here to have your say yoursay.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au/CHAS. For further information contact Council at 1300 763 903 or email enquiries@cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au.