Nuisances can be dust, smoke, air, light and noise at a property.  Laws have been introduced to help keep a balance between quality of life and monitoring activities that have the potential to annoy others within the community.

  • For residential premises, the use of lawn mowers, power tools and hammers is restricted to Monday to Saturday 7am – 7pm and Sunday or public holidays 8am and 7pm.
  • For residential or commercial construction sites the use of air compressors, concreting equipment, power tools, vibratory equipment, hammers and generators is restricted to Monday to Saturday 6.30am to 6.30pm. No audible noise is permitted on Sundays and public holidays.
  • A barking dog nuisance requires numerous elements of the local law to be substantiated.  Refer to
  • Other animal noise nuisances (e.g. roosters crowing) may be able to be dealt with under the animal management local law.

Please read this noise nuisance table so you know who to contact for your issue:

Barking Dogs Council - Local Laws Section
Spa Blowers and Pool Pumps Council - Environment Section
Air-conditioning Equipment Council - Environment Section
Refrigeration Equipment Council - Environment Section
Amplified Music from a stereo or radio Police
Commercial Venue Selling Alcohol (Pub) Queensland Liquor Licensing Commission
Vehicle Noise Queensland Transport and Police
Trail Bike Police

If the matter is an emergency or requires urgent attention, please call 1300 763 903.

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