Pest Animals

Wild Dogs

Council conducts quarterly baiting programs for wild dogs. To qualify for a baiting program, a land owner must meet the following criteria:

  • Council needs a number of participants across any given locality for effective control measures.
  • Written agreement is needed from all neighbours within 1km of the property being baited.
  • All relevant stakeholders must be notified at least 72 hrs before baiting.
  • The date baiting begins and the date of bait collection must be clearly stated on neighbour agreements and signs.
  • Baits must be tied down and you must make a reasonable attempt to minimise damage to non-target wildlife.
  • Baits must be collected at the end of the baiting program.
  • Appropriate signage must be up for the course of the program and for a minimum of one month following the placement of the bait material.

Upon receiving a 1080 baiting request, council officers will determine the following:

  • Level of impact
  • Legislation requirements
  • Alternative control options
  • Risk to non-target wildlife
  • Strategic value
  • Landowner support and agreement

Feral Pigs

Information on feral pigs in the Cassowary Coast region, can be found in the following extract from the local area Biosecurity Plan.

Feral Pigs - Biosecurity Plan

Council can assist landowners to control Feral Pigs by loaning a pig trap or with 1080 baiting. 

Pig Traps

Council loans pig traps to landowners. A $300 deposit is required, and the landowner/s must be able to transport the trap safely and dispose of feral pigs caught in the trap. View the Pig Trap Hire form, call Council, or visit the Tully or Innisfail Council offices. 

View and Download the Trapping Feral Pigs on the Cassowary Coast - A Practical Guide.

Feral Pig Trap Application Form

Feral Pigs, Baiting, and Landholder Information

Trapping Guide



1080 Baiting

1080 baiting is available to landowners if certain conditions are met.

View and download 1080 Baiting Procedure document. Then contact Council (1300 763 903) to speak to an authorised officer regarding 1080 baiting for feral pigs.

Please read the Queensland Health, Departmental Standard, Dealing with restricted S7 poisions for invasive animal control.
Hog hopper baiting stations are also available to be borrowed from Council to eliminate off-target damage from the use of 1080, and to allow 1080 to be used in wet conditions.

Council's 1080 baiting procedure

Queensland Health Departmental Standard - Dealing with restricted S7 poisons for invasive animal control - Version 1


Land owners and occupiers are required by law to control pests on their land. Rats and mice are not only a nuisance, they can carry and transmit diseases to humans.

Council officers investigate complaints about rodent-breeding sites and can issue notices to residents or owners of properties as required.

To report rodent-breeding sites please contact Council's customer service team by phoning 1300 763 903.

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