Infrastructure Charges

Council levies infrastructure charges on certain development approvals.

The Cassowary Coast Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.1) 2019 allows charges to be levied for the following development:

  • Reconfiguring a lot
  • Material change of use
  • Carrying out building works

The resolution adopts different charges for particular development in different parts of the Cassowary Coast region.

Infrastructure charges are payable where an applicant is issued a Development Approval accompanied by an Infrastructure Charges Notice (ICN). Charges collected contribute to the provision of trunk infrastructure across the region.  Trunk infrastructure is higher level infrastructure that is shared between different developments (eg. sewer mains and water reservoirs).  The trunk infrastructure networks for which infrastructure charges are levied are:

  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Transport
  • Public parks and land for community facilities

Pursuant to the Planning Act 2016, Council maintains a Register of Infrastructure Charges, the register includes information about the relevant development, how the charge is calculated and payments received.  The Register includes development permits from 1 January 2020 onward and will be updated every three months. The Register and associated documents can also be viewed in hard copy at Council's Innisfail Office, 70 Rankin Street, Innisfail.

Infrastructure Charges Register

Request Form for Reduction in Infrastructure Charges