Building & Plumbing Searches

Building Records Searches

These searches are available for commercial and residential properties. The search is provided in the form of a letter, comprising a list of building approvals issued for the property.  The search will advise the date of approval for the building work and the associated inspection details.  In non sewered areas it will advise if there is a treatment plant on site that requires regular servicing. 

The searches also include copies of Certificates of Occupancy (previously Certificates of Classification - for commercial properties) or Final Inspection Certificates (previously Certificates of Occupancy - for residential properties) where applicable.  However please note, some searches may be unsuccessful.

More information about Building Records Searches can be found in our Building Records Searches Factsheet.

Certificate of Occupancy Searches (previously Certificate of Classification)

These searches are available for commercial properties only.  For commercial buildings, shop fitouts, offices, etc, a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy (previously Certificate of Classification), where one has been issued on a structure, will be provided. Consideration should be given to the age of the building that the request is for.

Council's records generally date back to 1975 with the introduction of the Building Act. If the building work is prior to 1975, a Certificate of Occupancy may not be available. The number of Certificates can only be determined after the initial application fee has been paid.

More information about Certificate of Occupancy Searches can be found in our Building Records Searches Factsheet.

Final Inspection Certificate Searches (previously Certificate of Occupancy)

For residential buildings.  This search provides Final Inspection Certificates (previously Certificates of Occupancy) that have been issued as a result of a passed final inspection.

More information about Final Inspection Certificate Searches can be found in our Building Records Searches Factsheet.

As-Constructed Drainage Plan Search Request

This search outlines where the as constructed sanitary drainage pipes are located for an existing structure.

More information about As-Constructed Drainage Plan Searches can be found in our As Constructed Drainage Plan Factsheet.

Archive Search Request

This search is carried out when someone wishes to obtain older building plans.  Building Application files have a currency period of 2 years.  When an application is completed or when the two year currency period has expired, it is archived.  The file is able to be retrieved from Council Archives through an Archive Search.

More information about Archive Searches can be found in our Archive Searches Factsheet.

Lodging a Search

To obtain a Building Records Search, As Constructed Drainage Plan or to request a file be retreived from Council Archives, please submit an application using MyCouncil.  Please see the MyCouncil Factsheet for more information about the MyCouncil website.

Alternatively application forms can be lodged over the counter, by email or by post.  You will need to submit the applicable application form.  Please choose the appropriate application form from the list below:

Postal details and office locations can be viewed on the Contact page of our website.  If emailing:

  1. And your application is for a property located to the south of El Arish and Bingil Bay (inclusive), please email it to; or
  2. And your application is for a property located to the north of Silkwood and Kurrimine Beach (inclusive), please email it to

Council has a five business day turnaround for Searches.

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