Barking Dog Issue

Barking dogs and animal noise  

If a dog or another animal near you is creating so much noise on a regular basis that it interferes with your peace, comfort or well-being you may report it to Council.

For barking dogs, Council requires submission of a completed Barking Dog Diary to ensure the elements of the offence can be substantiated. The process for resolving barking dog nuisances are outlined in the Barking Dog Nuisance Factsheet, available below. 

If you are experiencing persistent noise nuisance from a nearby animal, in the first instance  we encourage you to talk to the animal owner, in a nice manner, to let them know about the noise  – they may not be aware that their animal is making the noise.

If you do not feel comfortable approaching the animal owner, you can leave them a note in the letterbox. Council have developed a template letter, that you can download and print. The template is available at the bottom of the webpage.  


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