Council Divisions

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is made up of six divisions. They originally came into effect on 15 March 2008.

In 2019, The Change Commission completed its review of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council's divisions and recommended the Governor in Council implement its final boundaries.

The purpose of this review was to ensure each division of the Council has a similar number of voters (quota) at the March 2020 election, so that each person's vote has the same value.

Division 1

Division 1 includes the areas of Cardwell, Kennedy, Bilyana, Euramo, Hinchinbrook Island, Murray Upper, Lower Tully, Tully Heads, East Feluga and Hull Heads. Division 1 map.

Division 2

Division 2 includes the areas of Tully, Feluga, El Arish, Silkwood and Mena Creek. Division 2 map.

Division 3

Division 3 includes the areas of South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach, Bingil Bay, Kurrimine Beach and Silkwood East. Division 3 map.

Division 4

Division 4 includes the areas of East Palmerston, South Johnstone, Goondi, Wangan, and Mundoo. Division 4 map.

Division 5

Division 5 includes the areas of Innisfail, Vasa Views, Flying Fish Point, Coconuts and Innisfail Estate. Division 5 map.

Division 6

Division 6 includes the areas of Cowley Beach, East Innisfail, Mourilyan, South Innisfail, Etty Bay and Moresby. Division 6 map.