Waste Levy and Management Strategy

The Queensland Waste Levy started July 1, 2019.

  • The Queensland State Government requires from July 1, 2019 that landfill operators charge a levy on waste going to landfill. Cassowary Coast Regional Council operates two landfills for dry waste in the region and incur a levy for both landfill sites. The regions wet waste is sent to landfill in Mareeba, where they will incur the levy and subsequently pass the extra cost onto Council.

  • The Queensland Government has committed to implementing the waste levy with no direct impact to households until 2022. To deliver this, local Councils will receive an advanced payment to offset household waste going to landfill.

  • For businesses, the levy will be included in the costs of disposing waste that ends up in landfill. The added costs for businesses will become evident in the following:

    • Increased fees at transfer stations for commercial waste going to landfill
    • Increased costs for skip bin and other waste disposal services
    • Increased service fees added to the half yearly rates for kerbside collections
  • Businesses and households are encouraged to look at how they can reduce waste, separate waste streams and recycle as efficiently as possible to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

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Solid Waste Management Strategy

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council Solid Waste Management Strategy 2013-2023 was adopted by Council on 28 March 2013 after extensive community consultation, and is based on outcomes endorsed by the community.

The 10 year strategy provides Council with a road map for managing solid waste generated within the Cassowary Coast region and allows Council to meet its legislative responsibilities.

Built on an environmentally, financially and socially sustainable approach to waste management, the Strategy focuses on the four areas of waste management - Infrastructure, Services, Resource Recovery and Community Education.

The success of the strategy depends upon the community truly embracing the principles and implementing the actions which impact on their sector. With good community participation and sound technological input by Council, it is anticipated that this will be a strategy which can be implemented without being a burden on the community or the environment, fostering a knowledgeable and proactive community.

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