Edith Street Innisfail Covered Walkway

The Edith Street Covered Walkway is a key feature of the Innisfail Strategic Master Plan.

This important project now enters its next stage. Public consultation ends on March 18. To have your say, please fill out our survey.

Below are some of the key questions considered in this project.

  • Council wants the existing Art Deco character of Innisfail to remain the showpiece of the town. This structure is designed so it doesn’t compete with the Art Deco style. The support posts will feature Art Deco-styled anodised aluminium wraps. This option will allow this feature to be updated over time without influencing the main structure.

  • The underside of the structure will feature timber purlins with colourbond sheeting placed directly on top of the purlins.  Timber sections will be installed on top of the arch between the purlins to prevent birds from nesting there.

  • A gutter is proposed on the northern side under the existing blinds and will be 24mm from the wall. On the southern side the gutter is proposed over the existing awning.

  • Timber is a beautiful natural product and its inclusion is seen as a link to the region's historic timber industry. The timber is sustainable Australian grown. It will be painted with a clear sealant to highlight its natural beauty. It is fully shaded and weather protected and will require repainting at 10-15 year intervals.

  • LED lights will be installed on the underside of the structure, providing illumination for pedestrians.  

  • Yes, the clearance from the road to the structure is greater than 4.8m. Under the National Heavy Vehicle Law, vehicles over 4.6m high require an excess dimension permit and these will not be permitted to drive under the structure. The design guidelines issued by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service recommend a minimum height of 4.8m.

  • Work on the project will commence after the Feast of the Senses (March 28 -31) and will not interfere with ANZAC Day 2019

  • The location of the walkway was based on community consultation undertaken as part of the Innisfail Strategic Master Plan.