Cassowary Coast Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Living with coastal hazards is part of living in the Cassowary Coast. With over 120km of coastline and a number of offshore islands, our region and residents are vulnerable to coastal hazards and the long-term impacts of climate change.

With support from our consultant team, Council and has developed a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy, titled Evolving with Our Coast. The strategy:

  • Assesses the risk from coastal hazards, including coastal erosion, storm tide inundation and sea level rise, over time.
  • Contains a vision for how the community and region can respond, adapt and evolve with the impacts of coastal hazards.
  • Identifies adaptation actions to respond to these coastal hazards.
  • Outlines a strategy for implementing these adaptation measures which outlines roles, responsibilities and timeframes for actions.

The draft Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy was taken to Council's January local government meeting where the strategy was endorsed.

Where are we up to now?

At the Local Government Meeting on 25 May 2023 Council endorsed the Coastal Hazard Adaption Strategy.

The full financial implications for all levels of government, the community and stakeholder are yet to be determined or qualified. Council will seek federal and state funding to support the implementation of the strategy.


The Coastal Hazard Adaption Program - QCoast2100,funded by State Government, has been supporting coastal Councils across Queensland since 2016. The program was developed to ensure the long-term resilience and sustainability of coastal communities and assets through planning and preparing for the potential impacts of rising sea levels and other coastal hazards along Queensland’s coastline.


To find our more about the QCoast2100 program visit: