Tully Multi-Use Sporting Complex & Grandstand Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has been working towards the construction of a new Multi-Use Sporting Complex and Grandstand at the Tully Showgrounds. The Percy Pease Grandstand which was previously located in the Tully Showgrounds was closed in August, 2017 due to substantial deterioration in structural elements and was demolished in January, 2018.

Key aspects of the proposed Tully Multi-Use Sporting Complex and Grandstand Project are as follows:

  • A facility that prioritises function over form;
  • Emphasis on quality of spectator sightlines to arena and playing field;
  • Must be easy to maintain;
  • Emphasises flexibility and sharing of the facility;
  • Location moved to be closer to playing fields;
  • Facilities for players, teams and officials meet the National Rugby League guidelines for a regional facility;
  • Caters for disability access and usage (inclusion of a lift);
  • This will depend on the success and timing of the current grant application to the State Government, however it is more likely to be ready for the 2020 Tully Show.

  • Council will continue to apply for relevant grants as they are released, however this will likely delay the delivery of the project.

  • The fence will be adjusted to align with the front of the grandstand, making the oval have a straight side which will include the front of the grandstand. The current seating will be relocated along the new fence. The wood chop area and other show ring activates will be moved to suit the new layout, Council is working with the Tully Show Society to ensure the new grandstand enhances the show experience.

  • It is not expected that this will be an issue. A 3 dimensional lighting analysis is underway. If lighting is required it is likely to be mounted on the front of the grandstand roof.

  • The roof has been designed to overhang the seating areas however wind-blown rain will be unavoidable. What the facility will do is offer greater numbers of seating that will be dry when compared to the old grandstand.

  • Council will undertake a community consultation process during the construction phase of the project to determine a suitable name for the facility.