Green Waste Recycling and Free Mulching Service

Did you know that Cassowary Coast Regional Council offers free recycling service for green waste? That includes any lawn clippings and pruning, fallen branches and leaves, flower cuts and hedge trimmings.

If you have green waste, bring them to any transfer station (except Murray Upper), where it will be recycled into mulch, which you can collect and use in the garden.

  • There is no charge for bringing green waste into a Waste Transfer Station from residents.
  • There is no charge for domestic supply of mulch.
  • There is a charge per a cubic metre for commercial green waste disposal. Click here for current waste disposal fees.

Other things you can do with your green waste:

  • Set up a compost bin and add your green waste into it.
  • Use lawn clippings as mulch in your yard.
  • Discard small quantities of green waste into WET BIN.

Do not put green waste into the DRY bin. This will contaminate all dry waste in the garbage truck and means all the waste becomes “wet” and has to be transported out of the region.

Click on the links below to find out more about Waste Managment:

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