Tips for Reducing Waste

Cassowary Coast Council encourage all residents to commit to reducing their individual waste production that enters landfill. Here we provide some tips to help residents reduce that amount of waste they produce and the amount that enters landfill.

1. Consider the waste avoidance hierarchy when making your next purchase.

Waste heirarchy diagram

Things to ask yourself

  • Can I reuse this product?
  • Can I recycle this product?
  • Can I compost this product?
  • Is there another option?
  • What is this product packaged in? Is there a better packaging option (buy in bulk and share)?

2. Consider what you can do with your waste before sending it to landfill

  • Can I add this to my compost bin or worm farm?
  • Can I refund this for cash through the CRS?
  • Can I give this to a second hand store or the tip shop?
  • Can I have a garage sale?
  • Can this be recycled at my local Waste Transfer Station?

Click on the links below to find out more about Waste Managment:

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