Port Hinchinbrook Sewerage Treatment Plant and Normalisation

This table provides summary information about the Port Hinchinbrook Normalisation project, outcomes and latest update. 




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Normalisation of Port Hinchinbrook

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Project Overview

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council is committed to realising the normalisation of Port Hinchinbrook.

What this means for residents and the wider community, is the privately owned assets within Port Hinchinbrook, such as roads, bridges, culverts and sewerage, will be under the control of Council.

The normalisation project will see a new sewerage treatment plant (STP) being built to replace the current failing system as well as renewal of some pump station and effluent infrastructure, culverts and road assets.

Port Hinchinbrook is located just south of Cardwell. While the estate has been in liquidation there has been particular concern for the ongoing maintenance, and operation of the estate’s sewerage system. The solution for Hinchinbrook needs to be one that is long-term and can offer a secure future for the residents and opportunities for the development to realise the potential of this iconic destination on the doorstep of Hinchinbrook Island.

Officers have and continue to work with the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, the Liquidator for The Passage Holdings (in Liquidation) and the Australian Government to progress towards this long-term solution.

To achieve the required maintenance and upgrades, Council has secured funding from both the State Government and Federal Government with funding commitments to the project to date at a total of $12.3 million.

A strong focus has been required to achieve a balance between each of the funding agreements, to ensure they align as well as meet the required needs of the community.

Key Stages

Key stages to be confirmed. 

Key Updates

  • Update - 18 May 2022

The funding agreements have been excecuted. 

  • Update - 22 February 2022

 The funding agreements are still in the final negotiations however all parties involved, including Council CEO Andrew Graffen, Mr Nick Dametto MP, Senator Susan MacDonald and the Honorable Bob Katter are working to ensure these funding agreements are executed.


What is the Normalisation of Port Hinchinbrook Project?

The transfer of ownership and control of the road, sewerage, stormwater and water assets to Council. This project will see State and Federal funding deliver rehabilitating sections of roads, replacing culverts, upgrading sewage systems and the construction of a new STP for the residents of Port Hinchinbrook.


The Queensland Government have allocated $6.3 million and the Federal Government $6 million. Funding agreements have been executed.


Council officially took ownership of the Port Hinchinbrook STP on 2 December 2021, and at Local Government Meeting 9 December 2021, Council resolved to progress with the normalisation of the estate based on funding from the State and Federal Governments.

With numerous failures of the estates ageing STP and associated infrastructure, this matter has been critical to resolve as releases to the environment had the very real potential to impact on public health and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

The Port Hinchinbrook STP License agreements between the State, Council and Liquidator provides for secure sewerage services for residents whilst the normalisation of the private estate is finalised. This agreement reflects the commitment of the Queensland Government, Liquidator and Council to ensure that environmental releases from the estate are a thing of the past.

Major Benefits/ Project Outcomes

The project will work towards Council providing the services of sewerage, roads, parks, storm water and water management.

The project includes the acquisition of these current assets, some renewal, and upgrades to allow Council to provide services that align with our service standards.

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