Cardwell Pump Track

Ride where our ancestors once walked, Girramay Country!

This table provides summary information about the Cardwell Pump Track, outcomes and latest update.
Location Cardwell 
Division Division 1 
Project Outcomes  Cardwell Pump Track
Latest Update  Complete
Project Value $491,000

Project Overview

The Cardwell Pump Track is the first pump track to open in the region and is an exciting step as establishing Cardwell as a ‘Ride Destination’. The whole community came together for the Official Pump Track Opening with riders of all level enjoying the world-class facility and riding the different features of the track including the ‘rollers and berms’.
The project was largely driven by the community, including Cardwell Lions, the Cardwell Mountain Bike Trials group, the Kirrama Range Road Support Group, Cardwell Care and local indigenous elder, Marcia Gerry.

The Track is part of a larger project which will see Cardwell recognised as a world-leading mountain bike trail destination. 

Ride Features

Grab your scooter, BMX bike, skateboard or mountain bike and head down to the Cardwell Pump Track, located on Brasenose Street Cardwell. Built by World Trials, the Cardwell Pump Track is one of the largest aims to attract the attention of riders of all abilities and experiences. It is a great facility for riders to practice and perfect their skills in anticipation for the opening of the Cardwell Tropical Mountain Bike Trail Project.

Cardwell Pump Track Opening

The Cardwell Tropical Mountain Bike Trail Project is driven by the Cardwell community and their ambitions to establish Cardwell as a ‘Ride Destination’.

In September 2019, the first of a number of community led meetings were held which, with strong local support and Traditional Owner representation, progressed the community representatives to engage council to take the project forward.

Council support came with a commitment to funding of $50k in November 2019. This was matched by the Queensland Government and invested into the Cardwell trails concept plan and feasibility study.

World Trail Pty Ltd were engaged to provide a feasibility assessment of Cardwell as a ‘Ride Destination’. To measure the potential to host a world class mountain bike trail network, one that would generate significant economic benefits to the region through mountain bike tourism.

The Cardwell Pump Track, was built by World Trails, one of the largest and most experienced mountain bike trail companies, and aims to attract the attention of riders of all abilities and experiences. It is a great facility for riders to practice and perfect their skills in anticipation for the opening of the Cardwell Tropical Mountain Bike Trail Project.

Funding was provided from the Commonwealth of Australia to the State of Queensland under the Federal Funding Agreement – Environment.

Project Outcomes

Facilities will feature a new Pump Track located at the trail head for the major project, and includes carpark, upgraded bathroom facilities, bike wash, signage and promotional material.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    • A pump track is a small circuit with feature like rollers and berms that you can ride continuously without pedaling. Your speed along the pump track is dependent on your ability to gain momentum by “pumping” the tight terrain transitions of the track.
    • A pump track is a progressive riding track suitable for bikes, scooters, in-line skates, and skateboards. Its unique modular design is made up of rollers and berms creating a fun riding flow that propels riders around the track without pedaling.
    • Everyone can ride a pump track. Pump tracks can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. You don’t need special equipment to ride on a pump track ‐ BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes ‐ even scooters, skateboards and rollerblades can be used on the pump track.
    • All ages and skill levels can learn in the same location. With a focus on developing technical mountain biking skills in a small amount of space, pump tracks are not too intimidating for a beginner or too easy for a professional rider.
    • Pump tracks create a fun and positive atmosphere.
    • This is a place where people want to be. There is the potential for children to hold birthday parties at our pump track on a regular basis. Adults can get off work and come straight here to get a few laps in before dark.
    • Pump tracks use a design that naturally encourages learning.
    • Well engineered pump tracks are built to naturally encourage learning important skills in a safe environment.
    • The design will use unique and helpful features that allow kids and adults of all skill levels to enjoy the track, with reduced fear of injury.
    • Pump tracks are a fun and exciting riding space that fosters important skill-building.
    • A place of learning safe from vehicles and the main highway that runs through Cardwell. Pump tracks are located away from traffic, making it a safer space to develop biking skills than other areas where riders share the road.
    • Activity for local youth on a variety of riding gear.
    • Cultural connection with Girramay on Girramay country.
    • While it’s true that mountain bike trails and pump tracks can be a lot of fun, there’s a lot more to it than that. These tracks and trails form part of a larger strategy.
    • There is the expected economic impact when a community uses these trails and parks in their strategic planning. There are also the obvious and not so obvious health benefits that are realized through this plan.
    • Finally, these mountain bike trails and pump tracks create a sense of belonging and ownership, and contribute to improving the quality of life in the community.
    • The return on investment when you build pump tracks and mountain bike trails is not about getting people to the park. It’s about building and contributing to a stronger community.
    • When bike trails and pump tracks become part of a regional plan, it extends to nearby cafes, restaurants and accommodations, with benefits felt across the town.
    • Mountain Bikes
    • BMX Bikes
    • Balance Bikes
    • Children’s Bikes
    • Scooters
    • Skateboards
    • Roller Blades
    • Longboards
    • In-line skates
  • The Pump Track is now open - Brasenose Street, Cardwell. 

Want More Information?

Please contact Council via email, phone 1300 763 903 or visit the Cassowary Coast Regional Council on Facebook for more Major Project Updates.